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March 31-June 16, 2017
Merseles Studios Gallery at Jersey City Theater Center

Merseles Studios presents DISRUPTION: A group exhibition of works in various mediums.

America’s equilibrium has been disrupted. Major economic, social, and environmental shifts have propelled the nation into a period of crisis. The meaning of what is the American Dream has faded from the national lexicon. Nihilistic narratives prey on the anxieties of a nation in flux. Ill-intentioned ideologues act as necromancers, resurrecting the putrid specters of prejudice and inequity, disrupting the natural death of regressive philosophies while bringing the ugliest aspects of American life to full lividity. These dark invocations are met not with compliance, but by resounding voices of resistance: with acts of protest and dissent, both ordinary and subversive, individuals disrupt the imposition of a degenerate status quo on their communities. During this time of multiple disruptions, artists are witnesses, offering testament through visual narrative and personal expression.

Participating artists include Luis Alves, Bang!, Andrew BlumenthalDISTORTDavid LaMorteShehrezad MaherMeredith MiotkeMR MUSTARTSam PullinGiovani SantoroFabricio Suarez, and Noah Tavlin.