Street Level
September 19 to October 24, 2015

Street Level is a gallery show featuring works on wall and canvas by graffiti legends from the 1970s train-bombing old school and the newest of new aerosol artists. In color contrast to these, Street Level also features analog street photography by some of the most prolific photographers in the Tristate area. The combination of color and monochrome, and the diversity of mediums in this exhibition reflect the visual chaos of the horizontal urban landscape or Street Level. 
Through the typically urban mediums of graffiti and street photography, the artists in Street Level explore the link between individual identity and environment, reflecting specifically on the cities of the Tristate Area and how their various adaptations have impacted the individuals who dwell there. In the past decade, the organic development of cities such as New York City and Jersey City have been replaced with the sterile vertical aesthetics of intentional gentrification in hyperdrive. 
The artists of Street Level generate and emphasize the forms that make a city a living, breathing, entity. Their work creates a gallery environment that mimics their experience of life at Street Level. Participating Artists include AcroAndrew Blumenthal, Bed Bugs, DistortGiovani Santoro, Miguel PeraltaMr. MustartReeSam Pullin