April 12 to May 18, 2014
313 Gallery
People of every era experience change as an inevitable yet disconcerting reality: Movement defining a trajectory towards a potentially terminal point. This generation, particularly overwhelmed with the anxiety of change, has been referred to as the ‘Apocalypse Generation’.

The new millenium brought the Internet Age, altering the fabric of human culture: Redefining everything from the way we converse, to the economy, to warfare. Such momentous changes might be experienced as an apocalypse: The end of the world as it was understood. And in the wake of all such revelations, there are wastelands, conceptual and physical.

These wastelands portray the loss of perceived meaning and value in what was once considered relevant. They are defined by loss, nostalgia--the scramble to assign significance in an unfamiliar landscape.

Through ‘wastelands’, artists from Jersey City and Chicago combine memories of a pre-digital past with visions of an unfamiliar future, representing the struggle inherent in the redefinition of values and meaning in a new era.

Participating artists include Lizi BreitThomas John CarlsonLaura CollinsMatt DavisDISTORTBryan ElkinsChris GansAtzin Garcia, Jim Kirkhoff, Sam PullinMike RichisonDominic Sansone, Mey Veral, and Olivia Wilber.